Big Branded Fun: Collegiate Sponsorships

For local and regional businesses college athletics are a great way to market to an impassioned/loyal audience. Supporting collegiate teams as a brand makes a positive connection with passionate fans who are at games to root on their squad and have a good time.

Big Brand Tires wanted to reach this audience in their local community of Ventura County while also creating a fun/memorable experience. Working with Bigger Than Life we produced mega-sealed inflatable tires for halftime contests at Cal Poly Mustangs home games in San Luis Obispo. Fans race down the field balancing and rolling 10 ft. tires across the goal line while hilarity ensued.

The program has been such a hit that last week they ordered 4 more new tires to expand upon the partnership.

Especially for college football where most people don’t have close access to the field – making sure the promotion is big enough to see is very important. Not only can giant inflatables be seen by people near and far, but with high-quality production/durability, they can be used for multiple seasons making it a great long-term investment.