Creating “Insta-worthy” Conferences

Twilio’s annual “SIGNAL” conference brings together a diverse group of developers, business leaders, and companies from around the world for two days of learning, networking, and fun. The cloud communications platform company held their annual meeting at Moscone Center in San Francisco and wanted an impactful visual centerpiece in the lobby to grab people’s attention/get them excited.

We created 3 huge inflatable clouds and through a fun use of color tried to visualize the creative capabilities you can execute with Twilio. Not only was it eye-grabbing but countless people took selfies with the inflatable activation.

It’s great to have clients experience your brand in-person, but it’s even better when what they’ve experienced prompts them to create their own “branded” content on social media. This positive brand awareness is very hard to come by organically.

So for your next trade show, conference, sales meeting, etc. when you want to expand your reach beyond just the event itself – inflatables are a GREAT solution!