Get SHARED Using Experiential Advertising

When AT&T wanted Creative Artist Agency to help them GO BIG for their annual summer pool party #SummerYourWay in California, they came to Bigger Than Life Advertising. They wanted impact and audience engagement. They wanted to blow the roof off of their party. And they wanted to get SHARED!

Introducing…Sally the Swan!

Sally took over 500 hours to make. She’s fifty feet tall and her wings are 40 feet long. Due to her super size she landed herself in the Guinness Book of World Records for the World’s Largest Inflatable Toy and successfully achieved a record for the most exciting of pool parties.

And that means she got LIKED…A LOT!

After making her debut in California, Sally flew to Miami for her appearance at the #iHeartSummer17 Weekend, a two-day event with volleyball games and many star-studded musical appearances. Sally made a BIG impression and was the life of the party! Sally the Swan starred in photos that were shared across the internet and POSTED across social media. We’re talking MILLIONS of social media impressions!

Events can be turned into ads and broadcast through digital platforms by using EXPERIENTIAL ADVERTISING. People want to interact and share their experience with others. (And take selfies!) No one is tweeting or posting about a billboard… But they SHARED, LIKED & POSTED about Sally the Swan!

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