Giant Inflatable Event Checklist

Preparing for your event can be a stressful time. In order to assist you with that and make sure no little details are looked over, we have prepared an giant inflatable event checklist. It contains all the information you need to cover prior to the event.

Event Information

  • Event Title
  • Event Contact Person(s) – Title, Phone Numbers
  • Date
  • Hours
  • Time Doors Open
  • Complete Time Schedule (attach a copy of program)
  • Location complete with Map/Directions
  • Location of Entrance
  • Parking – Passes Needed? Overnight parking required?
  • Location of Display area

Information Specific to To Your Giant Inflatable

  • Giant Inflatable Area Surface – Is it grass, cement, blacktop, dirt/gravel, rooftop, or other?
  • Are Ground Stakes or Weights Required?
  • Is Electricity Available? And what is the Distance of Electricity from your GIANT INFLATABLE site?
  • Is Generator needed? If so, what size?
  • Public Relations Information
  • Media Contact(s) – Title, Phone, Time and Date Scheduled to meet them
  • Will you be taking photos to share?

Travel and Schedule

  • Check-In
  • Setup by
  • Clean up by
  • Shift Schedules
  • Pack-Up/Inspect All By
  • Turn in passes
  • Fill Out Event Summary
  • Departure
  • Reservations for Next Time

Your Giant Inflatable Travel

  • Method of Shipment
  • Return Labels
  • Deliver to Shipper
  • Will Call Pick up – Date, Time
  • Any Repairs Needed
  • Repairs Arranged for – by, when, return date