Third-Dimension Inflatable 3D Billboard Extensions

Make Your Out Of Home (OOH) Media Pop Off The Board

Make your Out Of Home (OOH) Media program out of this world with the Third Dimension Inflatable 3D Billboard Extensions. Inflatable 3D Billboard Extensions go beyond the standard billboard rectangle by creating HUGE impact and consumer excitement. Let Bigger Than Life Advertising design an eye-catching Inflatable 3D Billboard Extension to make your Out Of Home Media campaign come alive!

3D Branding Benefits:

  • Attracts Attention

  • Increase Eye Balls

  • Capture Commuters

  • Light Weight and Easy To Transport

  • Easy Installation

More Information:

Compared with traditional fiberglass 3D extensions, our Inflatable 3D Billboard Extensions offer:

  • Lighter weight
  • Easier installation
  • Simple breakdown for movement to alternate locations
  • Lower shipping costs
  • Optional internal lighting adds extra POP at night and the ultimate in glowing visibility.

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3D Extension

Help your billboard stand out from the rest with the help of a Third Dimension ™ inflatable billboard extension. We can create these to integrate with any standard billboard, no matter the size. All the billboard needs is access to power and you’re set. Not only can we help design and produce your inflatable billboard extensions, but our experienced installation team can also help you get it up as well. Don’t let your out-of-home advertising fall flat by giving it some real Third Dimension depth! We can even add internal lighting within the inflatable to ensure that your inflatable billboard extension has a big presence at night as well.

Marketing Inflatable Advantages

Nothing gives you a more prominent in-person 3D branding presence than marketing inflatables. They inflate big in minutes and pack down small when deflated, making them easy to transport and store. Inflatables can be made into any shape or design you can dream of, so the sky is the limit when it comes to creativity. Whether it is a gigantic cold air inflatable unit for an event, or a small sealed inflatable for a POP (Point-Of-Purchase) / in-store retail display, all of our inflatable products are designed using computer modeling to ensure an accurate representation is created.

Unlike billboards, radio, print, or online ads, which are a one-time investment – inflatables are re-useable. You can’t shift billboards from one place to another, but you can take the same custom designed giant inflatable product unit to different events, festivals, or trade shows and promote your business successfully. Plus, they are easy to use and set-up. You can get an inflatable set-up in a few minutes, and depending on the size of the unit; it may only require one or a few people for installation and set up.

Inflatables are fun and capture the imagination, plus they provide a natural photo backdrop perfect for selfies and other pictures your customers may share on social media helping to spread your brand online. These are true workhorses for your marketing objectives! If you take good care of your inflatables, they will last more than a decade.