Making a Colossal Impact at Clusterfest

When Comedy Central wanted to GO BIG for their first summer festival, Clusterfest, they came to Bigger Than Life Advertising.

  • They wanted impact and audience engagement.
  • They wanted fans to experience their brand in a new way.
  • They needed a colossal creation!

Clusterfest is a comedy and music event of festival proportions. It’s a pop culture extravaganza and a fully immersive weekend, complete with comedians, bands, food, and ways to experience Comedy Central’s favorite shows. It was the perfect event for giant inflatables and Bigger Than Life Advertising was the perfect place to go!

It was a BIG success and photos were SHARED across social media.

Bigger Than Life created the colossal-sized header for the Clusterfest stage.

  • Logo Block Header of Epic Proportions
  • 40 ft long x 12 ft tall
  • Internally illuminated

Comedy Central created an outdoor backdrop of South Park’s main street. As part of the fun Bigger Than Life supplied a BIG mason jar of Member Berries which appeared in a popular episode of South Park. Member Berries are a grape-like fruit that evoke feelings of nostalgia in those who eat them. They always phrase their reminiscing as, “Member… ?, hence the name “Member” Berries, often responding that they also ‘member. And fans loved to take selfies with them and POST their photos!

When you think about your next event and want to make a BIG impression and get people interacting with your brand, let Bigger Than Life make your vision come to life!