Sports Experiential – Inflatables for the WIN

Outside of the four major sports leagues, most teams/organizations have very tight marketing budgets. When purchasing new assets like inflatables, they have to make sure they can get a lot of use out of them. When the San Diego Seals came to us, we knew they needed something beyond just “game day entertainment”. We created a one of a kind inflatable they could use a variety of ways.

The piece we created for them was two units in one! Attaching via carabiners, the San Diego Seals interactive inflatable can be used together for one amazing activation, or separately for a multitude of applications or smaller footprints. The seal head was made to be used as the player entrance tunnel at games and for community event activations, while the lacrosse toss cage was made for game day entertainment and to be taken to schools to get kids excited about lacrosse.

With proper care inflatables can be used for more than a decade, so these are pieces that will help the Seals grow their fan base in San Diego for years to come!