Top 10 Reasons To Use Inflatables For Event Marketing

  1. Inflatables make your customer FEEL GOOD
  2. Inflatables cost pennies per impression – INEXPENSIVE compared to other media
  3. Inflatables generate intimidate IMAGE RECOGNITION and BRAND AWARENESS
  4. Inflatables are ENGAGING and EYE-CATCHING
  5. Inflatables act as GUIDE POSTS, tying in other advertising media to special event locations
  6. Inflatables demand ATTENTION
  7. Inflatables create INVOLVEMENT
  8. Inflatables are PORTABLE and EASY TO SETUP
  9. Inflatables are easily inexpensively ADAPTABLE to different venues
  10. Inflatables are FUN

The BEST reason??  Inflatables are UNFORGETTABLE!