Blow Up Your Pop-Up

In the world of experiential marketing, pop-up shops are all the rage. For web-based brands especially, they are a great way to get customers to experience their products in real life: touch fabrics, spray scents, try things on, etc. No brand knows this better than the millenial focused makeup company Glossier.

They have executed multiple successful pop-up activations in the past, but for their Fall 2019 shop in Austin, TX they wanted to do something B-I-G. Something that would let their fans know where the shop was without any doubts, and so working with Bigger Than Life we produced 30 ft. tall lipsticks which sat on the rooftop and achieved that goal.

However, what they did not expect was how many fans posted pictures on social media with the giant lipsticks in the background. Inflatables create a dynamic photo backdrop that leads people to take pictures and selfies in-order to share their experience online – extending their marketing reach beyond experiential and into social. By searching the hashtag #glossier or geotag on Instagram you can see for yourself the impact giant inflatables can have for your pop-up shop activation.