Inflatable Influencers: Celeb/Press Product Seeding

The PR agency that handles Revlon Cosmetics had a unique request that required an inflatable solution. They wanted to showcase how the brand’s ColorStay foundation was lighter than air and have the product appear to be floating when delivered to over 500 social media influencers and press as part of a product seeding initiative.

We were up for the task and custom-designed an inflatable cube that housed the product so it appeared to be “mid-air”. The agency told us afterward that they initially didn’t think it was possible but were happy that we could come up with a unique solution.

The inflatables cubes were then put into gifting boxes and shipped to a curated list of influencers and press.

When presented with a challenge our goal is always to help our clients come up with an inflatable solution that works – whether that is a small custom inflatable cube OR a giant 50 ft. inflatable sculpture!