Creating Concert Magic: Interactive Inflatables

J. Balvin is one of the hottest Latin artists in the world right now, and for his upcoming US “Arcoiris Tour” he wanted to bring the visuals of artist collective FriendsWithYou to life as part of the concert-going experience.

With this goal in mind, his team came to Bigger Than Life and commissioned us to create half-a-dozen inflatable elements as part of the shows visual experience. This included multiple inflatable pieces which were part of the b-stage along with a giant rainbow that descends onto the crowd from overhead.

These were no ordinary inflatables. They needed to be hung, dance, lit internally and inflated/deflated within seconds and when you need something so technical by coming to a partner with 35 years experience you know it will be done right.

The tour has just started but has already been met by rave reviews from the press calling it an audio/visual “trip” – one of which we are glad to help create.