Where and How to Use Giant Inflatables, Part 1

In the coming posts you will find an assortment of events and ideas for using your inflatables. Some of these may spark your own brilliant inspirations.

Chances are there is something nearby that is well-attended and lots of fun. People enjoy themselves in all kinds of ways, and your inflatable can be a memorable part of their good times. In some places we’ve included a Special Checklist of suggestions of things you may want to add to your own GIANT INFLATABLE checklist. That way you won’t leave out any of the small details that can make your appearances run smoothly and successfully.

Farmer’s Markets/Swap Meets/Flea Markets

No matter what the size of your community, there is probably a swap meet or flea market in your area, usually held in a parking lot or drive–in theater. Because of the flat area, your GIANT INFLATABLE should be very easy to see among the low tables. For even better visibility, put your GIANT INFLATABLE on top of a vehicle.

Usually, the swap meet manager will be excited to have your GIANT INFLATABLE there to draw attention. Together you can work on getting publicity and send a photo to the local papers.

Planning Idea: Remember that your GIANT INFLATABLE offers large size and colorful visibility, so try to take advantage of these characteristics when planning your usage. The big size puts you above your surroundings.


You don’t have to be a cowboy to enjoy a good rodeo. This traditional American exhibition attracts big crowds and big names. As with many events, rodeos are usually stages on wide flat areas where your GIANT INFLATABLE will easily dominate the scene.

Golf Courses

Why not show off your GIANT INFLATABLE on the largest available lawn ––the local golf course.

Auto Rallies and Races

The auto racing circuit is another chance for your GIANT INFLATABLE to travel. Televised races are a great way to get TV exposure.

Boat Races

GIANT INFLATABLES really stand out when they are placed on top of something, like a car truck bed, RV, or boat.


Even the acres of banners and signs don’t match the GIANT impact and brand awareness created by inflatables. Moto-cross is a national pastime for thousands of Americans.

Soccer Games

Soccer continues to grow in popularity in the U.S. Take advantage of your GIANT INFLATABLE’s sturdiness, you can stage a soccer-kicking contest. Players try to hit a spot on your GIANT INFLATABLE (also known as interactive inflatables) by kicking a ball at it. Winners get samples of your product or other premium items, etc. Your GIANT INFLATABLE can take it in stride and be the center of attention.